Primary Successes

Little Boy Shines in the Casa Class
A 3 year old boy started with our school that had never been in a large child care setting before. After spending two years in the Casa Program he has become very confident. His experiences in the class have given him the confidence the opportunity to grow socially and become a leader. He will be at QWM for one more year will be graduating from the Casa Class in June 2011. He will be well prepared for his next academic journey!

Language Skills and Confidence Much Improved for This Little Girl
A little girl started at QWM in the Toddler Program and at 2 1/2 years old, transitioned into the Casa Class, where she has excelled and flourished. Her language skills have increased over the years and she enjoys verbalizing and sharing her stories with the other children. She is patient and waits her turn in the Casa Class and is very cooperative when interacting with the other children. She enjoys the group lessons very much and over the past year she has become very confident. She has improved by leaps and bounds both academically and socially. It has been a pleasure having her in our Casa Class.

Group Activities Help This Little Girl to Be Less Shy
A very quiet girl who transitioned recently into the Casa Class has become much more confident with herself and when interacting with other children. She used to be more comfortable working independently, but now she gets excited when joining her friends in group activities. Interacting daily with her peers has allowed her to verbally express her opinions freely and comfortably. She is excelling and has mastered several materials in the class in a very short time. It is great to see how happy she is to come to school each day.

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