Toddler Successes

Shy Little Girl Excels In QWM’s Nurturing Environment
A little girl came to Queensway West Montessori that had never been cared for outside her home. Her grandmother had been caring for her, and she was used to one-on-one interaction. She was shy about interacting with a group, but the calm and nurturing environment at QWM helped her to settle in at her own pace. She has since graduated from the Toddler Class and is enjoying the challenges the Casa Class has to offer. It has been very rewarding to watch her grow up over the last couple of years.

With the Right Motivation, a Little Boy Expands His Learning
A little boy started in the Toddler Class at just 15 months old. Even at his young age, before long he would walk into the class each morning on his own, very confident in his surroundings and with himself. He rapidly expanded his vocabulary and began speaking in full sentences. He was very independent with getting dressed and he mastered Toilet Learning quickly. In the Toddler Class, learning how to use the toilet is very important and we work together with the parents to make it a very positive experience for the child.

QWM is a Warm, Welcoming Place for Families who are New to Ottawa
Last year, a new child joined our Toddler Class. Her family was new to the city, and her parents weren’t familiar with the child care centres in Ottawa. We welcomed them for a tour of Queensway West Montessori, and they were very impressed with all of the classrooms. They were able to speak with families who have been part of our school community for many years. We were very pleased when they decided to register their daughter. She is a very confident girl who enjoys socializing with the others. She has mastered her Toilet Learning and recently graduated into the Casa Class, where she will continue to have many new and exciting experiences.

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